Megabass Apia Punch Line 130

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Total length- 130mm

Weight- 36g

Type- Sinking

Action-  S-shaped slalom + rolling fall

Hook-  #2

Surf games that require a long flight distance even in strong winds, and blackfin seabass on the beach that requires a presence in the sand. Covers up to casting games for blue fish, where strength is required depending on the situation. The head shape that allows you to feel the lure's presence is more effective in situations where long throws are required or in rough conditions. It is possible to capture the target with a wide range of methods of the sinking pencil, such as winding and eating, stopping and eating, and eating with a fall. Considering the surf and rocky shores where day games are the main focus, the lineup focuses on colors suitable for the daytime. Adopts a 2-hook system and a heavy-duty penetrating wire system that can be hook-tuned for large sized lures.

Dedicated molded weight model!

PUNCHLINE130 flies well and swims well!
The target is blackfin seabass, blue-runners, flounder and sea bass, mainly on surf and rocky shores.

● Colors for surf and beach are also available!
● Increased strength by adopting a penetrating wire system!
● 2 hook system that can be hook tuned for large size!

Emphasis on action and low center of gravity balance. Model with molded weights.
A specially designed molded weight enables more detailed action.
Adopts a penetrating wire system that can withstand harsh use on the beach.


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