Chasebaits Paddle Bait 4 inches

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Soft, Supple & Strong... it's all about the swim action on our PADDLE BAIT soft plastics range, with scent and salt added for increased performance. 

The PADDLE BAIT has thin wall ribs and the unique “Body Wave” design to feel softer and more natural. The deep ribs will hold scent and give off micro vibrations to attract fish. They will also hold air bubbles on the first cast and release them like a dying fish. Perfect for slow retrieving and when it is critical to leave the lure in the strike zone for as long as possible.  Added features such as a realistic eye, and two tone injected colors make this bait a force to be reckoned with!

SIZES: 3" and 4"
PACKS 3" (8 PCS)  4" (5 PCS)
TYPE: Soft Plastic Paddle Tail Grub
ACTION: Cast and Retrieve, Jig or Trailer
METHOD: Jig, Drop-Shot, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig Slow Retrieve or Twitch
FEATURES: Realistic Ribbed Body, Proprietary PVC, Super Realistic Eyes, Curly Tail Grub, Double Salt Injected and Proprietary Shrimp Scent Enhancement.
ROD & REEL SET-UP: Medium Light to Medium Spinning Reel with Matching 6’ to 7’6” Rod
LINE: Mainline-12lb to 30lb Mono or Fluorocarbon or 10lb to 30lb Braid
LEADER: 15lb to 30Lb Fluorocarbon Leader
Target Species:  Irresistible to all manner of gamefish, especially large and small mouth bass., snook, trout and redfish.

The Chasebaits Paddle Bait swimbait features stunning 2 tone injected colors, ribbed body, and oversized “paddle-style” tail. The realistic 3D eyes are the finishing touch on this impressive soft plastic model. Perfect for jigging or swimming your way onto your PB!

The Chasebaits Paddle Bait features a ribbed body that produces ripples in the water column when retrieved. Gamefish feel these ripples with their lateral line producing an automatic strike response. The Chasebaits Paddle Bait also features a unique “Body Wave” design to feel softer and move naturally. The deep ribs will also hold scent and give off micro vibrations to attract fish while releasing a “bubble trail” during the retrieve. A belly slit has been added for weedless rigging if required.


All Soft Plastics by Chasebaits are double scented and salted. First, scent is injected into the body during manufacture. Once bagged, scent is added to the pack, along with salt.


Perfect for jigging in deep water, bouncing along the bottom or casting and retrieving, the Soft Plastics range has been designed to be extremely versatile, and get bit in both the salt and freshwater.


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