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The team at Chasebaits are super excited about the uptake of their Flick Prawn Lure. Big projections of success are being realised out on the water as a broad variety of fish are taking to them as if the Flick Prawn is the latest culinary delight to hit the aquatic ecosystem. The fish don’t care that its fake, they simply want to attack them as if their life depended on it.

The Chasebaits Flick Prawn Lure will become a go-to lure anywhere in the salty inshore waters. Easy to cast and easy to work with a slow roll or twitch, there isn’t a fish that inhabits these parts that won’t beat up his neighbour to get to it first. The best thing about the Flick Prawn is its versatility. It is a great lure when there are many species available but you are not quite sure what to target. Most fish love a prawn meal, so the Flick Prawn will prove deadly on Barra, Flathead, Mulloway, Mangrove Jack, Trevally, extra-large Bream and a host of others.

Constructed from super tough 10X material, it’s made to handle the craggy structure that most fish call home. The beauty of 10X is, while strong, it is super fluid and flexible and the key behind the Flick Prawn’s lifelike action.

The Chasebaits Flick Prawn Lure for sale now is set to spend very little time in your tackle box due to deployment demands. Yes, it’s that good. Grab one or if your wallet allows, purchase a selection of colours now and cast up a storm.


  • Model Chasebaits Flick Prawn Lure (formally named smash prawn but re-named prior to release)
  • Profile: Prawn
  • Size Options: 95mm, Hook size: 3/0, 4.0 grams  OR 125mm, 7/0 hook, 8.0 grams
  • Rigged with hook and weight ready to fish.
  • Material: 10X Tough soft Plastic construction
  • Retrieve: Slow roll / Twitch
  • Weedless design
  • Ideal for targeting a wide range of fish species from big bream in oyster racks, flathead on the sand flats, snapper and trevally out on the reefs through to barramundi in the snags


  • Extremely lifelike action. When worked correctly, the Flick Prawn looks exactly like the real thing making it hard for any fish species that will take a prawn as part of its diet to resist a hit on this lure.
  • The 10X construction is super strong and hard wearing while supple enough to significantly enhance lifelike action.
  • The strong 10X construction also ensures you get a huge number of casts and catches before replacement is required. It’s built to handle a tough life cast into the structure, weed beds and other snaggy abrasive structure.
  • Easy for the novice to use and suitable for such a huge range of fish right around Australia, wherever prawns are found.
  • The hook makes the Flick Prawn ideal for a broad variety or targets and will become a special in the inshore salty stuff and given that the lure is weighted and rigged ready to fish makes it ultra-convenient.

The Chasebaits Flick Prawn Lure is a must have for the inshore angler. From river mouth to deep in the estuary, the Flick Prawn’s life like action will be irresistible to any fish that enjoys prawn as part of their staple.

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