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The most important feature of the Carp Taff series hooks is the welded ring. It is known that when fishing, leash materials experience enormous tension-compression loads at the point where the leash is attached to the hook. Therefore, a smooth connection of the ring wire with the forend reduces the likelihood of the leader breaking at a critical moment. In addition, the hooks in this series have an almost glare-free SG Smooth Gray protective coating .

Thus, the use of hooks of the 53272 Carp Taff Flyliner ( CT-1 ) series can provide advantages when fishing in fairly shallow reservoirs with clear water (especially in clear weather) and in places where fishing requires forced fishing, for example, in the presence of snags on bottom of the reservoir. In other cases, with similar requirements for size, shape, strength and sharpness of the hook, hooks 53261 C-1 Carp Flyliner , which formed the basis of this model, are perfect .

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